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·        Safety leadership; responsible and accountable for a safe workplace

·        Product quality; accepts accountability for final inspection and all items produced

·        Throughput; increases throughput through training, mentoring, and organization skills

·        Materials; accountable for inventory control of all supplies needed in area

·        Provides a rotating cross-training of skills to expand crew knowledge of all jobs

·        Reduces labor costs through training, improved techniques and workflow improvements

·        Training of use and management of all tools in area


Required Skills

·        Strong leadership skills in leading a crew and building team knowledge

·        Extensive experience in safe practices with ability to train and teach others

·        Flexibility to accept new challenges and learn/teach new skills

·        Commitment that all items ordered are safely, correctly and completely built and properly loaded—even if that requires more than eight hours in a shift

·        Inventory management, not crisis management

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